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Join Us In Building India Through Enterprise
Our Little Story

Something About Us

Our Culture

A flat organization, Jagriti believes in a free flow of ideas. Ours is a team of individuals passionate to build India through enterprise. We don’t fear developing an enterprise ecosystem where it’s most challenging. Because that’s where it’s most needed. And it has been ignored enough, so far by the incubators, investors and government.

So we’ve made a start with Purvanchal region, in the form of JEC-P (Jagriti Enterprise Center-Purvanchal), a world class enterprise ecosystem for middle India. And invite you to be a part of the same.

In Jagriti, you’ll get an opportunity for a well-curated career path with strong on-ground learning like problem solving and people skills. For us, enjoyment is also important. So the team discussions and field visits go hand in hand, creating a dynamic workday in which people working together end up developing deep friendships. In sum, we love Mondays.

Following roles are open. To apply, email your profile and interest area with the role name mentioning in the subject to suvarna@jagriti.org or careers@jagriti.org

Director Incubation


The Director Incubation is responsible for the design and execution of incubation across the 15 districts of  Purvanchal, and for guiding and supervising the Udyam Corps and Mitra across the network offices. The end customers, the incubated enterprises – Udyamis, and their growth are the key focus of the Director.  

The Director will need to work closely with the team, senior leadership team, and Board to create a  conducive environment for Udyamita in the region. The Director will report to the Chief Operating Officer,  JECP.  



  1. Implement the 7M Incubation process through a cohort of entrepreneurs across 15 districts (currently  present in 3 districts) of Purvanchal as per the strategy of JECP  
  2. Build a team of Udyam Corps and Mitra, work on their training and professional development, and guide them in the implementation of the incubation process.
  3. Develop and maintain strong relationships with the incubated entrepreneurs, ensuring they receive the support they need to succeed and grow.
  4. Build the capacity of the incubated entrepreneurs through cohort-based activities and peer-to-peer learning forums. 
  5. Track the impact of the incubation through an impact dashboard, and timely report to internal and  external stakeholders  

Ecosystem Building  

  1. Design and execute mobilization and outreach activities and events to invite local entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.
  2. Organize regional events to showcase the incubated entrepreneurs and their products/services to  local and national audiences.  
  3. Support marketing team in executing the regional and national marketing plan.
  4. Build relationships and partnerships with various stakeholders, including government bodies,  investors, universities and industry associations, to support the growth the ecosystem in the region.
  5. Engage with the Jagriti Yatra team for cross-learning opportunities and sharing of resources to achieve the national vision  


  1. Supervise the functioning of the network offices (spokes), helping them achieve impact and  revenue  
  2. Support the operations at the main Centre (Hub), especially the various programs and events  running at the Centre by liaising with the Programming team  
  3. Liaise with the finance and accounts teams to create, maintain and monitor the annual budget, and to implement the financial policies and processes  
  4. Ensure effective allocations of available resources across various activities of JECP.
  5. Report to the Chief Operations Officer for regular progress updates and strategic decisions.

Role Requirement:  

  1. A senior person who has experience in general management, in incubation services and if  possible, in innovation thinking.
  2. A person with the seniority and the gravity to command the respect of the inmates, as different  issues in relation to the 3 x I framework emerge.
  3. Has experience in managing teams with a wide range of capabilities in the Incubation and  Innovation process  
  4. Has an ability to communicate with clarity and empathy to those at the center, and those visiting  the center  
  5. At ease with ambiguity, and can deal with the relatively young and local users of the center  6. Can deal with the national and international partner set, as they will have requirements separate  to the local user sets 


  1. At least 10 years of experience in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, including experience in  incubation, acceleration, or venture capital  
  2. Demonstrated success in building and growing incubatee companies, preferably in rural or  emerging markets  
  3. Strong network and relationships in the startup ecosystem, including investors, entrepreneurs,  and industry associations  
  4. Excellent leadership and communication skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate teams.
  5. Strong financial acumen and experience managing budgets
  6. Knowledge of the local ecosystem, including government policies, infrastructure, and cultural  dynamics  
  7. Passion for social impact and entrepreneurship in emerging markets  
  8. Experience in managing a P&L in a company or an institution of 10 crore or more  


This is a full-time position and the Director will be based in Deoria / Gorakhpur / Kushinagar in Eastern UP.  

Compensation and Benefits:  

  • CTC: 15-20 Lakhs (commensurate with experience)  
  • Other benefits as per the HR policies will apply. 

If interested, please write to suvarna@jagriti.org or careers@jagriti.org with your CV and a cover letter.

Fundraising Director


The Fundraising Director will be responsible for creating strategy, proposal design and development,  impact framework, etc. He/She will be responsible for partner research, database development, and management. He/She should be proactive He/She will manage stakeholder relationships. 


Proposal Design and Development 

  1. Strategizing the approach to fundraising and creating different packages for different categories of donors. 
  2. Write concept notes, project ideas and project proposals and ensure their timely submission.
  3. Present proposals to senior donor stakeholders. 
  4. Support in fundraising from corporate, philanthropists, CSR funds, foundations, government agencies, etc. 
  5. Work with the marketing lead and help develop communications material for the organization such as brochures, websites, annual reports, posters, etc. 
  6. Organize or provide assistance in organizing any fundraising events for the organization. 

Research and Build Potential Partner Database 

  1. Conduct regular research, and compile and maintain a database of domestic & international organizations (international foundations, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and private corporations offering donations). 
  2. Focus area identification, trend mapping, continuous learning, and development of the development sector, especially from a fundraising perspective. 
  3. Reporting with data, case studies, etc. 

Donor Relationships 

  1. Maintain relationships with existing donors and partners and respond to their requests regularly  and keep updating them about the work of the organization. 
  2. Building relationship with potential donors. 
  3. Regularly monitor donor websites and identify donor opportunities that have thematic alignment  with the work of the organization.
  4. External stakeholder management- reporting and monitoring and evaluation through the full  project cycle. 


  • 7-8 years of experience in fundraising for mid-to long-term programs, especially in  entrepreneurship-related programs 
  • Strong in building and expanding connections and network of potential funders 
  • Strong in writing proposals. Excellent presentation and report-writing skills
  • Understanding of / Experience in the Development and Entrepreneurship sectors 


  • 14-16 Lakhs per annum + Incentives linked with funds raised.  
  • Other benefits as per the HR policies will apply. 

If interested, please write to suvarna@jagriti.org or careers@jagriti.org with your CV and a cover letter.

Digital CoE Director


Jagriti is building an innovation and incubation ecosystem in Purvanchal (Eastern Uttar Pradesh) to support local entrepreneurs and innovators through Jagriti Enterprise Centre–Purvanchal (JECP). The ecosystem is designed as a hub-and-spoke model across 15 districts of Purvanchal. The hub is a 1 Lakh+sq ft world-class center in Deoria with facilities like co-working spaces, multipurpose hall, and centres of excellence. The spokes are district offices, manned by Udyam Corps and Mitra as connectors.


Digital Centre of Excellence (CoE) is one of the six CoEs at JECP Centre, which will focus on innovations relevant for small towns and districts, what we call Middle India. We define Innovation in the context of Middle India as Middle India innovation refers to new and improved ways of addressing challenges or opportunities that are in Tier 2 and Tier 3 districts, usually involving people and resources from such locations. They can also bring expertise from more developed innovation ecosystems in metro districts. The objectives of Innovation in this context is to be connected to the downstream Incubation process, which has been in running for the last 2 years and has recently accelerated through the ACIC program.


The role of the Innovation CoE Director is primarily to set up and run the Digital Centre of Excellence, ensuring that it delivers its intended impact. This is broadly based on three areas of work on Thinking (Research), Doing (Implementation) and Being (Relationship / Ecosystem). The Director will have to personify all these three areas, with the team under him focusing on each of the three.


The Director will ensure that the research – local and national/global – is carried out to bring relevant and contextual innovations to the Digital CoE. The Research Manager will be directly reporting to the Director. In this, he/she will have to look at both research from local sources of innovation as well as innovations that are national and global which can be adopted locally.


The Director will ensure the implementation of the documented innovations through the Incubation process. The Operations Manager will be directly reporting to the Director. In this, we anticipate a relationship with the downstream incubate companies which can implement the innovations seeded by the Digital CoE.

Partnership / Ecosystem

Understanding the local context and culture to assess and advance the innovation will be an important role of the Director. He/she will thus ensure that an innovation ecosystem is fostered, advancing regional development. This is a primary responsibility of the Digital CoE Director, where the person has to build relationships, mostly with corporates and other innovative bodies, focus on ecosystem creation involving local institutions and individuals, and manage the revenue and profitability of the CoE.

Digital and Cross-Domain Working:

In the context of the Digital Centre of Excellence, the innovations will focus on ‘digital’. Hence, The director will require expertise, experience and passion in Digital. The Digital CoE is one of six such CoEs envisaged, a key remit of the Director will be the ability to look outside his CoE to link with other CoEs in the JECP. In some sense, the Digital CoE will act as a horizontal enabler for all other CoEs.

Reporting Relationship:

He or she will directly report to the Innovation Director, who will be the person responsible for the Innovation block and processes. In addition, the person will work closely with the Chief Operations Officer of Jagriti for overall financial and technical support.


Thinking (Cognitive Ability):

a. Curiosity in Context: Ability to understand the local circumstances of a small town or district and having the curiosity to look for new solutions and approaches.
b. Research mindset: Ability to go deep into areas that requires investigation, both in the local
environment and the district as well as nationally and globally.
c. Sector ideation for Digital: Having the sector knowledge of Digital so that ideas can be
understood, refined and progressed that will create local and national innovation.

Leading (Execution Orientation):

a. Human centered approach: Ability to understand the problem from a human application
point of view (design thinking) rather than only a technical or commercial perspective
b. Ease with ambiguity for innovation: Ability to live with ambiguity as the innovation is
researched and progressed, hand holding it till it gets into the innovation track
c. Courage with humility: Courage to express a point of view, holding and making a case for new ideas that will often require going against the grain, but doing it with full humility so that the person carries others with them

Being (Connection/Relationship):

a. Cultural sensitivity: Ability to soak in and adjust to the local culture, understanding and respecting it, so that the innovation is nested in the local culture and used it to promote the
b. Ecosystem, Partnership mindset: Thinking of not one innovation, not just in Digital but in the other remaining CoE as they are stood up, as well as in the context of a regional
development, accelerator like the JECP
c. Commercial focus: A mindset of bringing revenues and over time creating a profitable sub-business under the overall innovation agenda, through revenue sources from local, national and international partnerships as well as the creation of IP.

Overall, the person should have a ‘transformative courage’ and ‘conviction attitude’.


The person should have a broad understanding of digital technologies and their wide applications. From his/her experience or expertise, the person should have advanced knowledge in some of the digital technologies like enterprise, data, or mobile. Other knowledge of AI, Big Data, Natural Language Processing, and connectivity solutions, would also be appreciated. Typically, Digital has been used to automate businesses in metro and Tier 1 districts. The innovations in the Middle usually are more related to making connections, with people, places, and technologies.


  • The person should have at least 5-8 years of relevant experience working in a corporate or an incubator or accelerator or organization with a focus on digital.
  • People with Digital Innovation experience in reputed educational institutions like IITs, those who have experience in digital corporations and wanting to understand digital in real India, those who have experience in starting a digital venture related to smaller towns and districts, experience in incubators and accelerators with a digital experience are four typical categories of experiences suited for this role.


At least Bachelor’s degree (undergraduate) from a reputed institute. A business degree is not needed but it would support the candidature.

Compensation and Benefits

  • 12 Lakh to 15 Lakh depending on the qualification.
  • Other benefits of Jagriti as per HR policies, like PF, etc., would apply.

Those interested, please write to suvarna@jagriti.org or careers@jagriti.org with your CV and a cover letter.

Udyam Corps

Position Summary

Udyam Corp is a key position of Jagriti, ensuring the success of Jagriti Enterprise Centre (JECP) by facilitating incubation and growth of local enterprises through coaching local entrepreneurs. He/she needs to be able to unleash the incubatee’s potential by pushing them to do what’s good and not just pleasant. He/she should be driven by a passion to contribute towards the growth of nation. He/ she should be able to work in ambiguous environment, be proactive, able to cope with different situations, technically competent while being culture sensitive. He/she should be able to bring in modern techniques while being guided by the philosophies Gandhi, Vivekananda, and local leaders like Mangal
Pandey and Laxmi Bai to develop India ethos in local situations.

Team Overview

An Udyam corp works closely with Uday Mitra who is his on ground support. He/ she will be guided by the JECP leadership team and the Jagriti leadership team.


Venture Partner/ Mentor (Unleashing potential)/ Connector/Integrator:

  1. Ability to relate to local entrepreneurs and therefore able to coach them as required.
  2. Having maturity to pick up the business end of the incubation process, but also the softer maturity to work with the entrepreneur to advance his enterprise.
  3. Actively listen and translate the incubate problem to identify the real factors that will drive growth for that enterprise, analytical but able to explain that issue to the company.
  4. Selecting, judging the caliber, onboarding and adding co-founder if needed and managing the incubatee along with other responsible parties.
  5. Evaluate current status of incubatees, assess whether they can grow in scale, define a plan and connect with the right resources/functions.
  6. Business development, pipeline development: Study the companies that are in his/her market, and approach them to understand what is needed from a quality, time, branding and delivery perspectives.
  7. A connector, amplifier of the JECP network for the benefit of the local entrepreneur, where he or she is able to connect with the enterprise cloud.
  8. Ability to get out of the way, need to be a facilitator and connect with others.

Ecosystem Enabler:

  1. Ability to build a local ecosystem, and then govern through numbers and informal coaching.
  2. Connection with local, national and international, Ambidextrous, having the ability to relate to the local entrepreneur but also to the national or international entrepreneur or market connector.
  3. Be well connected with our national and global network of 6,000 Jagriti Yatra alumni (and sometimes come from that network) to be able to connect the entrepreneur to them quickly.
  4. Understand the national network, and the outside market and talent, training to link with the local circumstances.
  5. Act as an enabler for the incubatee and facilitate the connect with investors, market connects etc.
  6. Develops deep knowledge and builds relationships with the incubate.
  7. Over time tries to specialize on one or two areas (CoE Subject), while generalist, over time picks up some special vertical capabilities.
  8. Collaboration with other managers, in the geography and the vertical where you have developed some expertise, swap stories, and exchange information between local districts.
  9. Try to slowly enhance the ecosystem in that region, which cannot be done by lone rangers, and this requires collaboration.
  10. Understand local context and culture and ensure that ecosystem-building efforts are in sync with that culture.
  11. Building the entrepreneurial mindset in the larger community.
  12. Influencing local policy makers to create conducive policies that promote entrepreneurship.

Manager/Udyam Mitra/Go to JECP/

  1. Leads and coordinates the work of direct reports and provides mentoring support to
    ensure development of skills and competencies.
  2. He or she reports into a ‘thin management layer’ but one that has clear metrics and
    accountabilities with a technique that ensures performance is well managed (TBD).
  3. (As a growing organization, need to put structures and boundaries, so that managing military style, have feedback, but if he she is not doing their role, but there has to be a strict approach)
  4. Culture open, but the framework airtight.
  5. Build structure and processes to build in efficiencies in the ways of working internally and externally.
  6. Responsible for managing his/her own reputation and the Brand of JECP in the ecosystem.
  7. That person will represent the Brand of Jagriti in that district and that area and therefore will have to be groomed to present themselves well.

Skills and competencies

  • Influencing and persuasion skills
  • Building and managing relationships using interpersonal skills
  • Planning and organization skills
  • Leadership
  • Management / Supervisory
  • Strategic thinking
  • Consulting
  • Problem solving skills
  • Business development skills
  • Drive for results
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Facilitation & Coaching Skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Microsoft Office proficiency


  • Comprehensive understanding of the levers of revenue and profit for a business/enterprise.
  • Business financial understanding – working capital, equity, debt funding etc.
  • Digital marketing and other marketing channels.
  • Technology, as an advanced user – enterprise technology, mobile, data analytics etc.

Qualification and experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, business, engineering, and social sciences for UC1
  • Masters degree in Business Administration or Social Work, Humanities preferred for UC2 or UC 3
  • 3-6 years of experience in managing an enterprise or relevant experience of working with rural/tier 2 cities in India.

Compensation and Benefits:  

  • CTC: 4-5 Lakhs (commensurate with experience)  
  • Other benefits as per the HR policies will apply. 

If interested, please write to suvarna@jagriti.org or careers@jagriti.org with your CV and a cover letter.